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  • / political
  • / performance
  • / social design

A voice-changing mask and an analog interpretation for a magazine.

A politician's speech is not merely a means of conveying their manifesto to an audience. Instead, it's a carefully articulated performance aimed at persuading and assuring. Some politicians may intentionally (or unintentionally) use fear to validate their arguments.
We have developed a voice-changing mask that emphasizes non-verbal elements such as volume, speaking speed, facial expression, body language, and rhetoric — all of which speak louder than words.
When a "politician" wearing a mask connected to an Arduino delivers a speech, it disrupts their speech by rephrasing inappropriate remarks into different words or playing noises and unrelated audio.
After showcasing our "political performance," Annegret Bönemann, the hackathon tutor, allowed us to edit magazine pages related to the voice-changing mask for KONT magazine, published in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

In collaboration with Eva Jack, Lukas Adrian Jurk, and Morane Grazzini.