maru shikaku sankaku title

maru shikaku sankaku title-tb

  • / metal (3DCG)
  • / cutlery
  • / product design

A series of cutlery with a handle shaped like a circle, square, and triangle.
In general, each cutlery of one series tends to be designed cohesively, making it difficult to distinguish between spoons, forks, and knives when taking them out of drawers, and it took time to find the one you wanted. To solve this problem, the handle of each cutlery was re-designed in the geometric form of a circle (spoon), square (fork), and triangle (knife). As a result, it became easier to identify each cutlery without compromising for the sense of unity.

Besides, the spoon makes it easier to scoop up food by controlling smoothly with a rounded handle, and the fork with a square handle provides a better grip. For the knife, the blade, which is at the lower apex of the inverted triangle, can more easily receive force from the index finger that holds the opposite side of the blade. These geometrically designed handles can enhance the ability of the characteristic of each cutlery, such as scooping, pricking, and cutting food.