I have been cutting my hair by myself for over a year. Occasionally I thought that the cut hair was disgusting. But on careful observation, it resembled carbon fiber, because of its black, straight, and strong texture. From this personal experience came the idea of changing the value of cut human hair from ‘waste’ to ‘resource’.
Tons of human hair is thrown away because it is considered mere waste. In England for example, approximately 6,800,000 kg of hair is disposed of every year. Along with this is the ethical problem that more than 100 million animals are killed in order to use their hair. Although  thickness of hair is different, the structure (medulla, cortex, cuticle) is identical between human and animal. That is why, instead of using animal hair, if human hair can be used, it is possible to save animal lives.

Human hair (at least 2 kg)
Bath soap
Warm water
Work surface
An iron

1. Collect hair from beauty salons.
2. Wash and dry the hair.
3. Rub it on a water-safe and rough work surface, such as a tile floor.
4. Work the hair out into a sheet of desired size.
5. Pouring soap-water on the sheet and rubbing it softly to improve the surface.
6. Dry the material.
7. Cut wax with small pieces lay them out onto the felt.
8. Melt the wax onto the material surface with an iron.
9. Let cool.