Kodai Shimizu

Craft-Techmen Project

Home appliances have been becoming increasingly complicated, and therefore they tend to be discarded. However, if they have integrated craft techniques, they can be repaired with added value, and handed down to the next generation.

In response to the trend of mass consumption, sewing is implemented for assembling the appliances so that they will be easily disassembled and repaired when they are broken. 

Not only that, but the thread is also conductive and it gives a new function, a simple dimmer switch. By rotating a certain part, the sewed conductive threads are adjusted to different levels of contact and this caused voltage variation. The system can be adapted to different functions by reprogramming the microcomputer, for instance, changing volume on a speaker, temperature for a hairdryer, or channels on a radio.

This project suggests new artifacts for our modern daily lives to question the materials and electronic technologies surrounding us.


*These appliances are just prototypes. I’m currently looking for a company that can help to develop this idea and make them happen as real products. If you are interested in collaboration, please do not hesitate to contact me.




大学院の卒業課題として制作した、この「Craft-Techmen Project」を通して、工芸とテクノロジーは決して相反するものではなく親和性が高いこと。また、これらが融合することで現代の大量生産・消費社会の問題を解決する可能性があることを示したいと思いました。

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