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ceramic case for letter

During Japanese festivals there is a custom of avoiding the usage of certain words, such as cut and tear. However, the most popular present, the letter is associated with these taboo words. This “ceramic case for letter” is to be opened with a hammer, similar to the action of kagami-biraki*. This is an envelope that gives color to your special anniversaries, which happen only once in your life – just like the ceramic envelope that cannot be the same once it is cracked open.

Cracking a wooden cover of Japanese alcohol barrel with a hammer in celebration days.

日本では祝い事の際に、切るや破るといった言葉を避ける風習がありますが、一般的な贈り物である手紙の開け方はその忌み言葉を連想させていました。この「ceramic case for letter」は、まるで樽酒の鏡開きのように叩くことで開封することができる封筒です。一度開けてしまうと元には戻せないことから、成人式や結婚式など人生で一度しかない記念日を彩ってくれます。

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