In the coming future, there will be a new kind of craftsmen who create artifacts that integrate craft with technology. Home appliances tend to be discarded when they cannot be used anymore. But if they have integrated craft techniques, they can be repaired with added value, and handed down to the next generation.

Previously, combining craft and technology has been done in rejection of industry standards, ending up as art projects, and those that accepted industrial production reduced the craft aspect to just an external shell.

In response to both of these failed approaches, in this project, sewing is implemented as a method to create toggle switches for several home appliances. By rotating a certain part, sewed conductive threads are adjusted to different levels of contact and this caused voltage variation. This simple system can be adapted to different functions by reprogramming the microcomputer.

The craft-techmen who create these products will make people realize that wealth is not materialistic but of mental worth. As the life of a product grows with an individual, the owner feels the mark of the track of their own life along with that of the artifact.

The craft-techmen project suggests new artifacts for our daily lives in an effort to question the materials and electronic technologies surrounding us, while providing intangible values to both maker and user alike.